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Shelters that Protect Your Generators from Extreme Weather

We make custom soundproof shelters according to standards and codes. Available in many sizes, these shelters protect generators in all weather conditions to make sure they’ll start up at all times.

Sheltering your generators is a measure that must be taken into serious consideration in order to ensure proper functioning. Winter and the harsh Canadian weather can strongly affect the condition of your equipment, and this is why IMI Manufacturing inc. offers generator shelters that are resistant and of high quality.

Shelter Features

  • Robust
  • Designed to withstand winter weather
  • Stainless hardware
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Inputs and outputs of air made to comply with restrictions


Consulting Service

  • Design
  • Acoustic test
  • Turnkey projects
  • Primer and paint (according to your specifications)

Contact IMI Manufacturing Inc.

If you’re interested in our generator shelters, use this email to contact us and describe your needs.


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